Window and shutterproduction company.

Our production of window frames is the result of teamwork by women and men who have understood the concept of organization, service, community, and respect for others.

From generations

Carlo Figliolia


Our story started over 50 years ago.
We were window makers: we assembled, took the measurements and installed many fixtures. We know all the aspects of this profession, including critical issues: the quality of the products, the sale, the problems related to the installation, maintenance and repair. The enormous know-how, the result of the experience in the field, is for us the best resource to spend at all times; it is the baggage of skills that we always refer to, to improve products and the company as a whole. It is also the main reason why we have become the reference point for our trading partners.
All this makes me proud for the job well done of a lifetime.

Riccardo Figliolia


We are convinced that it is team play that makes the difference. We look to the future with optimism, on the other hand the results achieved encourage us. This strong commitment has borne fruit: we have recorded a 40% increase in our trading partners, increased productivity by 35% and reduced delivery times by 18%. This is just the beginning of a journey, but it is the right one.
We must and can improve.
Today behind our brand I NOBILI there are certified and guaranteed quality windows and shutters and also an organization, consisting of the company and its business partners, reliable and capable of offering highly qualified services.

Italian expressionof fixtures

The headquarters of the company is in Italy, which is also the place where the products are designed and made entirely. For over 50 years, our fixtures have been recognized for their attention to detail, quality of materials, great attention to design and craftsmanship. Half a century of activity in the window industry has allowed us to acquire a vast amount of experience and know-how, such as to innovate the traditional concept of MADE IN ITALY, introducing continuous innovations.

New window and door manufacturing plant


corporate structure

industry 4.0

Last generation plants

5 production lines




We test, we certify, and we guarantee all the lines, ensuring the total quality and safety of the products.


An eye tothe environment

We design and produce with respect for mankind and the environment. We aim to improve the safety and comfort of living. Innovation is the strategic lever on which we aim to ensure the continuous improvement of products, to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and to allow us to anticipate market needs.

Sustainable development is not one option, but the only viable model. The choice to invest in the installation of photovoltaic panels to use a natural resource such as the sun, it is a valuable opportunity to create energy while minimizing the environmental impact. Nature is protected with respect for future generations.

Optimization oflogistics processes

The logistical processes in the production of fixtures have been optimized through interventions aimed at improving the different segments of the distribution system, to make them more efficient and, above all, in line with the needs of customers.

We pay particular attention to packaging, designed to protect the fixtures.

Logistics is one of our strategies to create value for the customer.