and comfort.

I NOBILI blinds and shutters are designed to offer maximum reliability of operation and durability and they are designed to meet the most varied needs of the market. Attention to detail, thanks to the multiple combinations of colors and shapes, can be adapted to different architectural styles.


The slats of the shutters Reginetta and Duchessa are drop without seal that allows the perfect joint.


Fixed closed.

Fixed open with slotted profile.

Vertical slats.

Mechanism for
the orientation
of the slats.

Stainless steel structure, which guarantees maximum strength and absolute corrosion resistance even in marine areas.

Painted aluminum case with oxidation pretreatment.

Terminals made of very robust, elastic and self-lubricating special plastics.

Lowered knob handle to ensure a smaller footprint.

Style, functionality
and innovation.

The blackout systems of I NOBILI:

  1. offer excellent sun protection (in terms of heat and light) and weather;
  2. improve the comfort of living;
  3. increase thermal and acoustic insulation properties when closed;
  4. contribute to the reduction of air conditioning and heating costs;
  5. They protect privacy and strengthen burglary security.


From today the blackout systems I NOBILI, Reginetta e Duchessa, are dressed in the same color: knob, handle, hinges, slats, spangles and seals take the color of the shutter and blend enhancing the personality of renovations and new buildings creating a modern and valuable effect.

White, grey, brown, black and green are the colors to choose from.

Terminali lamelle
Terminali lamelle
Terminali lamelle
Terminali lamelle
Terminali lamelle

Quality raw

I NOBILI blackout systems are tested following strict protocols.
They are made by extrusion in aluminium alloy EN AW 6060 (UNI EN 573-3:1996 and EN 755-2:1999). Delivery status T5 (UNI EN 515:1996). Dimensional tolerance and thickness according to UNI EN 12020-2:2002.
They are treated by anodized finish, or painted with powders in RAL colors, metalized and wood color.


Blackout systems include two types of seals, each with its own function and feature.
The external stop seal, used to improve sound insulation, is made of black PVC.
The internal stop seal between door-frame, present only in REGINETTA, used to increase the sound, thermal and sealing insulation of the frame, is made of black PVC.


I NOBILI blackout systems, in addition to their durability, offer the advantage of being able to be reused after dismantling. The use of recycled aluminum also offers other energy advantages: its recasting, in fact, requires only 5% of the energy needed for the production of primary metal. Taking into account the life cycle, from the production of raw material to the recycling of used parts, aluminium products allow an efficient use of energy and resources. The lightness of the material results in low energy consumption during the processing, transport and installation process. The high resistance to corrosion and deterioration reduces the need and therefore maintenance costs, as well as increasing the duration of the product.

Long life and
low maintenance

Aluminium has an almost unlimited lifespan as it does not absorb moisture, does not swell, does not corrode, does not shrink, and does not crack. It does not deteriorate like organic materials and does not need to be shielded from ultraviolet radiation. The products do not require maintenance, apart from normal cleaning, and this translates into an economic advantage that can be calculated over the entire life of the product.

Aluminium also meets safety requirements. Being a metal, it does not catch fire and is therefore classified, within the fire regulations, as non-combustible building material.

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