Minimizethe waste.

We develop environmentally friendly products because we believe that this is the only way forward. The eco-active nature of the company is aimed at protecting the environment, which has become the main focus of our lifestyle.

The women and men who make up the company I NOBILI, in all divisions, adopt concrete behaviours aimed at saving energy and minimizing waste. We believe we have an obligation to leave the planet cleaner.

In the following pages, we indicate some simple measures, that we of I NOBILI already adopt to reduce energy waste within homes.

Summertemperature control.

In summer, the temperature of 27 ºC with a relative humidity of between 40 and 60% is ideal. As we have said, in the hot season the problem concerns the overheating of the premises, especially for buildings facing south or south-west. To solve the problem, before you get to the use of the air conditioner, you can follow simple steps.

1. Use external shading structures, such as louvre blinds, sun blinds or sunshade grids. These structures ensure the passage of a fair amount of light inside the premises, but not the sun rays responsible for overheating.

2. In rooms facing south and south-west, it is always advisable to install solar control glass, which, as already mentioned, it is produced with a high technological content, made so that the interior spaces remain bright and much cooler than the use of normal glass.

3. Ventilate correctly according to the instructions in the dedicated pages. If, at the limit, you need to use the air conditioner, it is advisable to adjust the temperature so that the difference between the outside and the inside does not exceed 5-7 ºC.


The well-being temperature in the house is about 20 °C. Each extra degree equals an increase in energy expenditure of 6-10%. Here are a few simple tips to avoid energy waste while maintaining the comfortable temperature inside buildings.

1. As mentioned above, I NOBILI’s energy efficient windows have excellent air-tightness, are built with low-emissive (low-e) double glazing, filled with 90% argon gas to reduce heat flows, and equipped with a special spacer channel, constructed of insulating material instead of aluminum.
The installation of these windows leads to an energy saving of about 5 times that of the old generation windows, equipped with a single glass.

2. Do not cover the heaters with curtains, furniture or coatings. The heat does not propagate in the room, leaving it cold.

3. Lower the window blinds or close blinds or shutters in the evening to prevent internal heat loss through the window panes.

4. Do not open windows when the heating system is in operation. It is a useless waste, the hot air tends to come out, leaving room for the cold one. Ventilate correctly, following the instructions in the dedicated pages.

5. Vent the heaters at the beginning of the cold season. The air stored inside the radiators prevents the circulation of hot water, keeping the radiators partially cold even with the boiler on.

6. For each radiator, instead of the manual valve, a thermostatic valve may be installed to automatically adjust the hot water inflow according to the temperature chosen and set on a special graduated knob. The valve closes as the ambient temperature, measured by a sensor, approaches the desired temperature, allowing additional hot water to be diverted to the other radiators, still open. This way you can consume less energy on clear days, when the sun is enough to heat some rooms, or, for example, set a lower temperature in the bedrooms and a higher one in the bathroom, or even leave the radiators open to a minimum when leaving home.