Standard lock
Central locking with latch, controlled by handle and key for perfect closing of the door.
Closing and opening with two complete turns of the key activates all locking devices.

  • Reversible steel latch, beveled and rounded on both sides to reduce friction when closing caused by both the handle and the key. It is possible to mount a fixed knob on the external side of the door.
  • Central deadbolt in pressed steel sheets with 40 mm exit.
  • Telescopic steel mushroom latches suitably distributed to increase resistance to break-ins.

Automatic multi-point lock
When the door is placed close to the frame, the locking points come out automatically thanks to a magnetic control. It will no longer be necessary to lock the door to secure it.

Three polymer-coated latches guarantee maximum fluidity in opening and closing the door, while two robust hardened steel hooks ensure better protection from break-in attempts.

As a supplement, it is possible to implement a latest generation motor that allows the door to be opened remotely. The motor can be activated by means of any control device (door open buttons, access control systems, etc.).

Simply place the door close to the frame, no need to lock.

The lock automatically closes securely with steel hooks.

extremely silent

solidity and durability

maximum fluidity