The new year has great advantages for those who decide to renew the windows by choosing I Nobili. The primary objective of our company is to offer high quality windows and blackout systems, but our stated aim is also to offer financing solutions that can meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and diversified clientele.

The partnership between I Nobili and Fiditalia

There are many customers who choose to activate a financing to buy new fixtures and, thanks to the partnership between I Nobili and Fiditalia, the possibility of deferring payment with monthly instalments becomes a real option that can facilitate the purchase.

The financing with Fiditalia

Thanks to the collaboration with Fiditalia, those who choose I Nobili products can buy the frames of their dreams and ask them to pay them in instalments with a zero interest financing.

You can see below an example of financing for the purchase of I Nobili windows:

Amount of windows € 5.000,00
Advance € 0,00
Total amount of credit € 5,000,00
Refundable in 18 monthly instalments of € 277,78
Duration of the credit agreement 19 months
First instalment at 60 days
Total amount due € 5,073,24
APRC 1,07%

Advertising message for promotional purposes. For the contractual conditions see the document “IEBCC” at the Points of sale participating in the initiative. The amount can be financed up to € 30,000. Costs of management of the financing included in the APRC: Preliminary fee of € 0.00 Stamp duty € 16.00 Charges collected installment € 3.00 Sending of the statement of expenses  € 1.20 (annual) plus stamp duty € 2.00 for balances over € 77.47. I Nobili Srl operates as a credit intermediary under non-exclusive arrangements with Fiditalia. The credit assessment is subject to the approval of Fiditalia SpA. Offer valid until 30/06/2024

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