*Uw UP TO 0.71 W/m2K


**UP TO 43 dB



*The thermal insulation values are calculated with reference to a 1 sash frame BxA (1500x1500mm, ψg= 0,04 W/mk).
**The sound insulation values are certified with reference to a 2-door frame BxA (1300x1500mm).


The magis40 window produced with uni_one technology is the first door and window to achieve the phA efficiency class in the 4 climate zone.

Flush-mountedwindow frame.

magis40 produced with uni_one technology is design freedom. Freedom of expression, to create new spaces with high living comfort. The environment to be designed is not contaminated and the designer is so free to work on verticalism, expressing himself creatively without setting limits. The window becomes a fluid, discreet object that blends with the furniture of the house. For the first time you can choose a window that more than a technical element is a real design element. magis40 leaves room for imagination and design.

An extremelythin window frame.

With magis40 you have an extreme, subtle and elegant design. Synthesis is the heart of this line. Simplicity and functionality are renewed, and they evolve through a search for clean and minimal shapes combined with the rationalism of natural raw materials. The greater the glazed surface, the smaller the section of the wood: the protagonist is the light.

Personalized andoriginal look.

With magis40 produced with uni_one technology, the concept of outfits enters the window world. magis40 is a concept, a stimulus to the creativity of designers and window manufacturers. A clever and refined mix that leaves ample freedom to interpret the frame, to live it and dress it with accessories and combinations in line with your own style. We have imagined our look in every detail, you can create your favourite outfit.

An unprecedentedtechnological challenge.

Excellent air/water/wind tightness.
The performance requirements reached, mark an important milestone for minimal windows. The magis40 window frame produced with uni_one technology gives the possibility to insert different types and thicknesses of glass and have a certified installation.

Uw=1,1 W/m²K with double glass

Uw=0,71 W/m²K with triple glass

Nature.A conscious choice.

In magis40 beats a heart made of laminated wood, because, for us, nature is always on trend. The lamellar wood bar allows the optimal use of the plant, without waste. Moreover, the use of ecological techniques of programmed reforestation, makes the magis40 window frame a sustainable product. Wood: natural and technological.

Wood and aluminum.The perfect combination.

magis40 produced with uni_one technology presents inside the wooden frame, to offer the excellence of nature and outside: the aluminum shield to protect and avoid any type of maintenance. A range of windows that remain aesthetically and functionally unchanged over time.

1. laminated wood
2. Icon color finish and Nature colors
3. Aluminum profile for rasomuro
4. door profile without stop
5. Aluminium outer frames

Open-inextreme in size.

The latest addition to the range of uni_one systems, it expresses all the features of revolutionary technology in an absolutely trendy frame. The exclusive concealed locking system of the fixed elements and the lack of stops in the door, both patented, highlight the high technological contribution of the system for windows magis40 produced with uni_one technology.

HandlesDK Zero.

only for magis40

The magis40 DK Zero handle, the result of the partnership between Colombo Design and uni_one technology, is an innovative product, where the almost total absence of space of the rosette further enhances the design of the window. The handle is actuated by a micro-movement that keeps the functional and use characteristics unchanged.


Icon colors.

The integration of layers of decorative paper, melamine/acrylic resin and TNT (non-woven fabric), pressed together making them inseparable, they recreate the typical wood grain and give an easy to clean material effect. The result is an ecological finish, free of PVC and formaldehyde, but at the same time acquires anti-scratch, anti-mould, stain and ultraviolet resistance.

Nature colors.

Slice of Tanganyika Walnut.

Sliced oak.

DiscoverHS-magis40product witha unique technology.