To customize their windows, the company I NOBILI offers several accessories included as standard or they can be combined on request to the wide range of fixtures proposed.

GRANDUCA HP - Portafinestra ad un'anta

Interiorvenetianblinds glass.

The integrated Venetian blinds create an exciting atmosphere and at the same time protect the rooms from solar infiltration placed inside the insulating glass keeping their properties unchanged over time without affecting the insulating properties of the windows.


Accurate VMC.

On average, indoor air is 8 times more polluted than outdoor air, negatively affecting health and well-being. It is possible to install an air exchange system in order to improve its quality.



Opening the windows has a strong impact on thermal comfort and, consequently, on energy expenditure for heating and cooling buildings. How to proceed to air exchange smartly? With the micro-ventilation system it is possible to create the perfect air recirculation inside the rooms. Only 3 mm opening between door and frame, which is activated by simply rotating the handle of 135º. An easy and accessible system with many advantages:

  • The dispersion of heat or air conditioning is reduced to a minimum. This ensures greater energy efficiency of the house and, therefore, better home comfort.
  • With the windows open, annoying noises enter the house. Instead, the micro-ventilation systemis more effective in protecting acoustic insulation.
  • The constant and correct air exchange prevents the formation of mold and allows the escape of bad smells, fumes, dust and bacteria harmful to health.
  • It is possible to air even in case of rain.
  • With only 3 mm of opening the insects and the annoying mosquitoes remain outside.

The system is standard on hardware with flap door mechanism.


Choose from a wide range of modern and minimal design handles available in various shapes and colors, they contain new anti-burglary technologies, including the Secustik model hammer that can prevent unwanted external actions from opening the window.


Shutter boxes.

The shutter box is an important element. Positioned at the top of the window, it covers the shutter and closes the window hole. It is available in different materials (wood and PVC) to meet the renovation needs. In addition, thermal and acoustic comfort is ensured in an easy and efficient way with insulation.


Electric actuatorfor wasistas.

Available in white, grey and black.


Smooth shutter.

Ashlar shutter.


The hinges, particularly safe and robust, can easily withstand heavy loads and special types of opening.

argento satinato


argento lucido
ottone lucido