The glass represents about 70% of the surface of the windows. The choice of glass should be based on the characteristics of the buildings, it can greatly improve the performance of the windows and, consequently, the comfort inside the buildings and energy saving.


Shield against the cold (STANDARD IN I NOBILI PRODUCTS)

The insulating glass called low emissive or low-e is a real shield against the cold that allows you to heat buildings passively, that is for free. This type of glass allows the heat to enter the buildings but not to leave, so you have the advantage of greater thermal insulation and considerable energy savings.

It consists of two or more glass sheets,  on one of which was laid a film of metal oxides, which greatly improves thermal insulation performance and acts as a thermal mirror, reflecting heat into the interior of the room without changing the performance of light transmission.

The two glass sheets are spaced out by a polymeric channel (thermally improved spacer) and tightly coupled by means of a seal. Finally, argon gas is introduced into the created gap, which in the products of I NOBILI is 90%. Due to the low thermal conductivity and the viscous forces of the gas, natural convection motions within the cavity are prevented, thus reducing the amount of energy transmitted from the inside to the outside.

The special coating deposited on the insulating glass is transparent to sunlight and therefore allows free heat to pass inside the house. The heat is then absorbed by the walls and objects in the building, which in turn heat up and, acting as radiators, re-emit the heat in all directions.

eliminating cold areas and cold wall feeling near the window

reduction of condensation from inner glass

Savings on heating costs

Reduction of CO2 emissions


shield against the heat

Solar radiation causes room heating, in some cases it leads to overheating called the greenhouse effect. The solar energy coming in from the glass is, therefore, trapped inside the room, which tends to heat up. Just think that a traditional insulating glass allows 76% of heat to pass. To overcome this problem, it is possible to install a special glass called solar control that keeps the interior bright and fresher.

Solar control glass, which does not necessarily need to be tinted or mirrored (although it is possible to apply such finishes for aesthetic reasons), incorporates invisible layers of special materials that have the dual property of allowing the passage of sunlight, while rejecting the heat. The efficiency of solar control glass is quantified by the value g, the solar factor. The higher the g-value, the higher the heat input, the lower the g-value, the lower the heat input.

Cool rooms even without air conditioning

Absence of the phenomenon of glare

Cut in air conditioning costs

Reduction of CO2 emissions


shield against the heat and cold

They are called selective glasses because, while allowing a large amount of natural light (visible rays), they exert a shielding action of invisible rays (UV and infrared). This keeps buildings warm in winter and cool in summer, without sacrificing light.

Extreme comfort in every season of the year

Reduction of heating and air conditioning costs

Greater respect for the environment thanks to the significant reduction in energy consumption

Glasses for theprotection andsafety.

The glass used in the realization of the frames must comply with various laws on thermal insulation, sound, overload resistance and ensure the necessary requirements for the safety of people and for the protection of objects. Safety glass can be of 2 types: tempered and laminated and in general, protect people from the risk of serious injuries in the event of accidental impact or fall and defend your home, delaying the burglary and often preventing intrusion.

Tempered safety glass which, thanks to a special treatment, is 5 times more resistant than ordinary glass, but which in case of breakage crumbles into small, harmless fragments, so that it can be considered in certain situations anti injury glass.

Laminated safety glass consists of two sheets of glass held together by plastic film. In case of accidental impact, the glass breaks into fragments that remain glued to the plastic films, avoiding the risk of cutting or penetration wounds.


The window is an important element inside the house and must be able to adapt to the style of those who live there. The windows of I NOBILI can also be customized through the choice of ornamental glass. The diversity of colours, textures and designs offers aesthetic solutions for every type of application to decorate the facade of homes.