Larger and more panoramic windows.
Lots of light thanks to the thinner profile.

Thanks to a height of 2.70 m, the sliding system allows the creation of new architectural solutions for facades with a sophisticated design. Every room will always be well lit thanks to the thinner profiles, resistant to the action of atmospheric agents and thermally insulated. Practical and easy to use, it blends in with the interior and lets the outside in, allowing you to make the most of the space and opening the doors to natural light thanks to the large glass surfaces. The HDF (High Definition Finishing) surface is smoother and easier to clean.

Many opening possibilities for greater flexibility.

Lift and slide.

Panoramic lift
and slide Slim.

Greater brightness.

PVC lift and slide doors have extraordinary stability and low weight. This allows for exceptional handling and smoothness.
Thanks to the reduction of the frame by up to 65%, the Panoramico Slim variant increases internal brightness and external visibility.

The HDF (High Definition Finishing) surface is smoother and easier to clean.

Lift and slide

Panoramic lift and slide Slim

Alte prestazioni,
massima visibilità.

Gli scorrevoli in PVC garantiscono ottime performance in termini di isolamento termico e acustico, con un significativo risparmio energetico, che contribuisce a tutelare l’ambiente, riducendo i livelli di inquinamento, grazie anche alla riciclabilità dei materiali usati. Le prestazioni si coniugano all’attenzione per l’estetica: diverse tipologie e forme per lasciare spazio alla personalizzazione estetica e funzionale.

Many opening possibilities, for both versions, for greater flexibility.

without obstacles and
panoramic view.

Climatech threshold excellent thermal insulation and excellent abrasion resistance.

The Climatech threshold becomes coplanar with the internal and external floors, guaranteeing maximum design results and better walkability of the environments.

With ClimaZero the Climatech threshold lets rainwater flow towards the outside of the house.

The Climatech threshold becomes coplanar with the internal/external floors.

Water drainage system.

Hooks of

Microventilation hook allows for continuous but limited air recycling in order to avoid excessive cooling of the room.

Closing with maximum anti-burglary security and a minimal design without clutter when the door is open.

More than
40 colors.