In the name of efficiency.

The brand I Nobili has consolidated over the years around the search for maximum efficiency. This principle is not in itself immutable, but by its nature constantly evolves, it is transformed. Keeping up with it means adding every time reflections, investments, and of course always new spaces.

It is in the sign of this imperative principle that we are pleased to announce the expansion of the corporate structure of I Nobili: 12,000 m2 between factory and office with 4 production lines: white PVC, coated PVC, mixed windows and blackout systems.

The business activity has reached its maximum capacity.

We achieved an ambitious goal, which required energy and resources and which saw us engaged in a reorganization phase from September 2018 to January 2019. From today, all the efficiency, quality and innovation content that we have always been bearers of, find a new and wider headquarters.

More efficiency, reduced delivery time.

It is an evolution of the company that results in significant advantages for customers. First of all, the reduction of delivery times: only 4 weeks for standard PVC, in category A and B colors.
“This in the perspective” – says Riccardo Figliolia, CEO of I Nobili – “to meet the needs of customers who face daily times of increasingly tight planning and implementation”.

Even more efficiency is also guaranteed by last generation plants, competent and prepared professionals, an automated production cycle and a perfect warehouse management for the storage of the finished product.

The impulse to growth continues.

A necessary phase has therefore ended, bringing an amount of prerogatives destined to give even more strength to I Nobili. A name that has made excellence an indispensable and changeable starting point.


new corporate structure of about 12.000 m2
equipment and plants of last generation
4 production lines 2 PVC (of which 1 completely new), 1 Mixed and 1 Blackout Systems
30% less lead time 4 weeks for standard PVC in category A and B colours
larger finished product warehouse
weekly loading schedule