How the Architectural Barriers Bonus 75% affects windows

The Architectural Barriers Bonus 75% is a measure introduced by Law 234/2021 for the implementation of interventions aimed at overcoming and eliminating architectural barriers in existing buildings. Facilitation extended to 31.12.2025 by Law 197/2022.

You can benefit from the use of the Architectural Barriers Bonus 75% with a tax deduction of the documented expenses incurred in the period between 01 January 2022 and 31 December 2025 and it must be divided among those entitled in 5 annual shares of the same amount.

As an alternative to the 75% tax deduction, you can opt for the discount on the invoice and transfer of credit until 31 December 2024. The following are the maximum eligible amounts:

  • Up to 50 thousand euros per unit of independent multi-family buildings with one or more independent access from the outside can be expected
  • 40 thousand euros can be multiplied by the number of building units (for buildings with 2 to 8 units)
  • 30 thousand euros multiplied by the number of building units that make up the building (for buildings consisting of more than 8 units)

To obtain this bonus, one must adhere to the provisions of Ministerial Decree 236/1989, which explicitly define the interventions and characteristics of the works intended to eliminate or overcome architectural barriers, including directions on windows:

  • For external doors and windows, movable doors must be able to move with a pressure of no more than 8 kg
  • It is necessary to have the handles of windows and doors at a height of between 100 and 130 cm above the ground
  • Switches and automation devices should be placed at a height from the ground of between 100 and 130 cm
  • In order to prevent injuries, the sharp edges of the windows must be shaped
  • The net light from the light doors and front doors must not exceed 80 cm for the main access and 75 cm for the interior access
  • The height of the door handles should be between 85 and 95 cm above the ground
  • The lowered threshold (the entrance step) for the French windows must be less than or equal to 2,5 cm

To comply with the decree’s requirements, a qualified technician must verify these adjustments.


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    How to buy new windows in convenient instalments

    The new year has great advantages for those who decide to renew the windows by choosing I Nobili. The primary objective of our company is to offer high quality windows and blackout systems, but our stated aim is also to offer financing solutions that can meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and diversified clientele.

    The partnership between I Nobili and Fiditalia

    There are many customers who choose to activate a financing to buy new fixtures and, thanks to the partnership between I Nobili and Fiditalia, the possibility of deferring payment with monthly instalments becomes a real option that can facilitate the purchase.

    The financing with Fiditalia

    Thanks to the collaboration with Fiditalia, those who choose I Nobili products can buy the frames of their dreams and ask them to pay them in instalments with a zero interest financing.

    You can see below an example of financing for the purchase of I Nobili windows:

    Amount of windows € 5.000,00
    Advance € 0,00
    Total amount of credit € 5,000,00
    Refundable in 18 monthly instalments of € 277,78
    Duration of the credit agreement 19 months
    First instalment at 60 days
    Total amount due € 5,073,24
    TAN FIXED 0,00%
    APRC 1,07%

    Advertising message for promotional purposes. For the contractual conditions see the document “IEBCC” at the Points of sale participating in the initiative. The amount can be financed up to € 30,000. Costs of management of the financing included in the APRC: Preliminary fee of € 0.00 Stamp duty € 16.00 Charges collected installment € 3.00 Sending of the statement of expenses  € 1.20 (annual) plus stamp duty € 2.00 for balances over € 77.47. I Nobili Srl operates as a credit intermediary under non-exclusive arrangements with Fiditalia. The credit assessment is subject to the approval of Fiditalia SpA. Offer valid until 30/06/2024

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      Security bonus 2023. What interventions affect windows

      The security bonus includes a 50% tax deduction on the IRPEF for costs incurred by 31 December 2023 to ensure the safety of a home, within a maximum spending limit of 96,000 euros. The deduction is divided into ten equal annual instalments.

      Beneficiaries of the bonus are all those subject to the IRPEF payment, without any income limit (owners of the property, members of cooperatives, individual entrepreneurs, owners of simple companies in collective name or in case of limited partnership, who has a family business).

      In the list of all the expenses, for which it is possible to benefit from the deduction, we show how the first four interventions affect the windows:

      • grates at the windows
      • shatterproof glass
      • opening and burglary detectors on windows
      • metal shutters with locks
      • gates or wall fences
      • armoured or reinforced doors
      • locks, padlocks, peepholes
      • portcullis
      • wall safes
      • cameras connected to private surveillance centres
      • anti-theft devices

      The purpose of the interventions is therefore to prevent the risk of illegal acts such as attacks, theft, kidnappings.

      If you have a license (Cila, Scia) or a binding agreement before 17.02.2023, you can still take advantage of the invoice discount.

      How to buy
      new windows in
      convenient instalments


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        The evolution of I Nobili

        In the name of efficiency.

        The brand I Nobili has consolidated over the years around the search for maximum efficiency. This principle is not in itself immutable, but by its nature constantly evolves, it is transformed. Keeping up with it means adding every time reflections, investments, and of course always new spaces.

        It is in the sign of this imperative principle that we are pleased to announce the expansion of the corporate structure of I Nobili: 12,000 m2 between factory and office with 4 production lines: white PVC, coated PVC, mixed windows and blackout systems.

        The business activity has reached its maximum capacity.

        We achieved an ambitious goal, which required energy and resources and which saw us engaged in a reorganization phase from September 2018 to January 2019. From today, all the efficiency, quality and innovation content that we have always been bearers of, find a new and wider headquarters.

        More efficiency, reduced delivery time.

        It is an evolution of the company that results in significant advantages for customers. First of all, the reduction of delivery times: only 4 weeks for standard PVC, in category A and B colors.
        “This in the perspective” – says Riccardo Figliolia, CEO of I Nobili – “to meet the needs of customers who face daily times of increasingly tight planning and implementation”.

        Even more efficiency is also guaranteed by last generation plants, competent and prepared professionals, an automated production cycle and a perfect warehouse management for the storage of the finished product.

        The impulse to growth continues.

        A necessary phase has therefore ended, bringing an amount of prerogatives destined to give even more strength to I Nobili. A name that has made excellence an indispensable and changeable starting point.


        new corporate structure
        of about 12.000 m2
        equipment and plants of last generation
        4 production lines
        2 PVC (of which 1 completely new), 1 Mixed and 1 Blackout Systems
        30% less lead time
        4 weeks for standard PVC in category A and B colours
        larger finished product warehouse
        weekly loading schedule