Safety without

Windows and French windows represent a natural point of contact for every home with external air and light, but they are also the main access areas for intruders.

What are the
intrusion mode
most used?


derailing of the frame


Tilt and turn windows


Tilt and turn windows


Tilt and turn windows

No compromise between design and safety.

Windows and french doors represent a natural point of contact of every home with air and outside light but are also the main access areas for intruders. The I Nobili windows offer effective anti-burglary systems, studied taking into account the maximum aesthetic impact and maximum functionality. With the certainty of always feeling protected.


30 sec

resistance class RC1
simple level of protection

1 min

resistance class RC2 / RC 2N
intermediate level of protection when using small tools 3 min

3 min

resistance class RC3
high level of protectionwhen using heavy equipment 5 min

5 min

The I Nobili windows are equipped with standard security systems that can also be implemented.

Hardware store.

Hardware store with a new concept that pays attention to aesthetics and design, as well as innovative technical details.

Mushrooms cam.

with greater adjustment possibilities

Double rivets.

featuring angles, scissors and hinges for greater stability

Unloaded corners.

for the passage of the seal that therefore should not be cut

Interchangeable hammer movement box.

Scissors with double opening adjustment.

Anti-burglary standard thanks to many steel encounters.

Stop the corrosion.

Activage treatment to withstand even the most adverse conditions.

The windows I Nobili offer as standard Silver, the finish made with a last generation treatment against corrosion: Activeage, protection with nanotechnology, approved by the German certification body PIV. The result is products that are highly resistant to problems arising from salt, moisture and pollution.

Active hermetic protection.

Organic chrome-plated mineral coating. Maintains the anti-corrosive properties even in case of thermal shock and stress.

Chromic passivation with silica nano particles.

It acts actively with electrochemical reaction to protect the zinc layer and then the product.


It protects the metal, creating a first barrier between corroding agents and the product.


The Secustik handle is equipped with a locking mechanism that hinders its operation from the outside. THE CLICK OF THE SECUSTIK HAMMER ENSURES MORE SAFETY.

Once locked, the entire hardware mechanism is locked and the handle can no longer be moved.

Windows without mushroom cams can be unhinged in just 10 seconds. As standard, all I Nobili windows are equipped with 2 security locking points with mushroom cams. Thanks to its conformation, the head of the cam fits into the closing collision placed on the frame. In this way, breaking the door becomes almost impossible. On request, it is possible to increase the security of the window by installing hardware with security class RC 2.

Top zipper with corner closure made with meeting and adjustable mushroom cam.

Anti-burglary meeting on the secondary door hardware.

Cremonese handling hardware main door with device false maneuver raises door leaf.

Safety glass.

The Nobles use safety glass that in case of a break-through attempt will crack but not break.

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