Windows and shutters are built with attention and with durable materials. Thanks to constant engagement and matured experience, we have reached high qualitative standards, that guarantee window functionality for years. We test, certificate and guarantee all lines, by guaranteeing total quality and products security.

Direction system for certified quality according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 regulation

ISO 9001 gives importance to realization of a direction system:

  • customer and his height satisfaction;
  • company vision as a totality of process that are in relationship and are directed to give products that answer to fixed requisites;
  • improve continuously products performances.

Manage quality means to manage effectiveness and efficiency of own processes through:

  • knowledge, management and monitoring of processes;
  • capacity of involving human resources;
  • central position of high company management.

The regulation asks for individualizing and measuring process points that create value in market, by considering company as a totality of customer and suppliers. In this context each process receives input from internal-external suppliers and provides products or services to internal-external customers.

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CE Marking

All I NOBILI windows have CE marking.

I NOBILI gives the conformity certificate according to UNI EN 1435-1-1 and UNI EN 13659 regulations, by applying European directive 89/106/CE.

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We guarantee each part of windows.