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External view

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Internal view

Rounded profile

Flat profile


La linea Reginetta prevede il sistema di fissaggio a muro con telaio a cornice. Costruito con l’impiego di profili in alluminio è disponibile in 4 varianti che arricchiscono la gamma di possibili combinazioni tra forme e colori. Ciò consente di scegliere il design che combina meglio il gusto personale, i diversi stili architettonici degli edifici e le caratteristiche tecniche specifiche.

Nello specifico i telai tra cui scegliere sono:

  • L o Z da 40 mm, è la versione standard;
  • Z da 18 mm, dal design compatto e minimale;
  • Z da 65 mm, ideale per facciate con cappotto, con viti di fissaggio a scomparsa nel copriforo;
  • Z da 60 mm complanare. La superficie piana dei profili consente la perfetta linearità tra anta e telaio.

REGINETTA Aluminium shutter with frame. Horizontal staves and handle. Curved form sixth reduced. External view.

Thin blades are drops without gaskets that give the possibility to have a perfect joint.

Fixed closed
Fixed open
Doghe verticali


  1. steel structure, that guarantees great strength and absolute resistance to corrosion even if we live in sea zone;
  2. finish aluminium box with not oxidation treatment;
  3. Terminal in special plastic material;
  4. knob cut down for guaranteeing little impediment.


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Shutters will be constructed with I NOBILI aluminium profiles Reginetta line. Fix frame width is 45 mm, flat door 45 mm, while rounded door 50 mm. fix frame profile will be 40 mm. all profiles, either frame or door, will be characterize by external aluminium profiles for guaranteeing a good mechanical resistance and a good alignment for 45° and 90° junctions. Door profiles will be rounded of flat externally.


Profiles will be realized in EN AW 6060 (UNI EN 573-3:1996 and EN 755-2:1999). Supply class T5 (UNI EN 515:1996). Dimensional tolerance and thickness certified by UNI EN 12020-2:2002. The same profiles must be treated through anodized finish or painted with RAL colours, metalized or wood effect.


Angle 45° junction in aluminium will be made through special aluminium little squares. Frame on wing is characterized by an alignment little square. T junction will be made with a mechanical holding joined and steel self-tapping screws inside fixing profile area. The system is characterized by the use of still ironmongery with espagnolette that has a rotation of 180° complete of still handle, staff for closing hook and closing upper and lower pivots. Closing second door will be realized with lower slide-away bolt. Black hinges will be adjustable horizontally through recording stems during screwing phase.
Thin blades orientation mechanism has these characteristics:

  • stainless-steel structure that guarantees maximum strength and absolute resistance to corrosion also in sea area;
  • aluminium case painted with oxidation treatment, available in 3 different colours: marble green, marble brown and black;
  • terminals in special plastic materials strong, elastic and lubricating;
  • pommel for thin blades orientation that guarantees less obstruction;
  • adjustable thin blade with particular form without gasket.


Shutters has internal gasket on frame, external gasket on door in order to increase sound and thermal insulation. It is realized in PVC and it is inserted in a continuous way on profile. Connection base to profile in PVC will be black, while holding part will be realized in soft black PVC. In lower joint between base and wall will be a toothbrush case profile with brush for a compensation of 5 mm for all width, only for typology with adjustable thin blades.