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External view

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Internal view


I Nobili proposes the insulated board shutter. It consists of other isolant profiles places between the prexisting staves. Even the standard version it offers excellent Thermal insulation. The insulated board shutter can be required with or without the frame and it’s possible to choose between vertical and horizontal staves.

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CONTE Aluminum scum with vertical slats. Exterior view.


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Dark shutter will be constructed with the use of I NOBILI aluminium profile line Conte. Flat door measures 58 mm, and it is preset for fix stave insertion with width 85mm and section 14 mm. All door profiles will be constructed from external aluminium profiles for guaranteeing a good mechanical resistance and a good alignment for 45° and 90° junctions.


Profiles will be realized in EN AW 6060 aluminium (UNI EN 573-3:1996 e EN 755-2:1999). Supply class T5 (UNI EN 515:1996). Dimensional tolerance and thickness certified by UNI EN 12020-2:2002. The same profiles must be treated through anodized finish or painted with RAL colours, metalized or wood effect.


Angle 45° aluminium junctions will be made through special little aluminium squares. T junctions will be made with self-tapping screws in fixing area. The system is characterized by the use of still ironmongery with espagnolette that rotates 180°, complete of fix handle, connection staff, closing hook and upper and lower closing pivots. Hinges, black colour, will be slide-away, or at sight, complete of wall pivot and plastic black gasket.


Dark shutter has external gasket on frame in order to increase sound and heat insulation. It will be realized in PVC, and it will be inserted in profile in a continuous way. Connection base to profile in PVC will be black, while at sight holding part will be realized with soft black PVC.
In lower joint between base and wall will be a toothbrush case profile with brush for a compensation of 5mm for all width.