Carlo Figliolia

The founder

Our history began 45 years ago.

We were first of all windows producers.

We know this profession and all the aspects linked to it: problems, maintenance and repairing.

Our know how is, for us the best resource to spend every time, is our boot of competence that we use for improving our products and our company.

I’am proud of the good job that has been done.

Riccardo Figliolia

The administrator and commercial manager.
A new way of being and doing business.

Our slogan: team game makes the difference.

We are convinced that it is team-work that makes the difference. We look at the future with optimism, thus the results obtained encourage us. We have invested in a new factory, new machines and we have created four new lines of production.

We have increased our partnerships by 40%, increased our productivity by 35% and reduced delivery times by 18%. All of this simply represents the start of path, it is the right one. We must and can improve.

Behind our trademark I NOBILI there are windows and shutters of certified and guaranteed quality.
Our organization along with our commercial partners is reliable and capable of offering highly qualified services


The mascot

We ants live in an organized society, in which each component works with the other for the wellbeing of the community.

We are friends of nature and those values belong to our company.