The thermal transmittance coefficient ( UW ) expresses how much energy a window dispels through its surface.
If the coefficient is low, more is the insulation power of the window.

The revelation of thermal transmittance coefficient could occur according to three different methods:

  • EN ISO 10077-1:2006. The revelation is realized through a schedule method in relation to isolation values of frame, glass and materials used for distance glass.
  • EN ISO 10077-1. The revelation is realized through a calculation regulatory method in relation to real measures of element.
  • EN ISO 12567-1. Laboratory test of the whole element.

These three procedures are admitted in conformity with 14351-1 regulation.

The majority of heat dispels as a result of so-called thermal bridges: windows, roof, cellar, external walls.
“I NOBILI” windows are perfect for passive house in order to reach a energy conservation.
If we replace your old windows with a new “I NOBILI” window, we could save till 75% of energy.

Thermal transmittance performances table - I Nobili
Thermal transmittance - I Nobili
Energetic loss - I Nobili