The UNI EN ISO 717-1 regulation considers three different types of estimations on the basis of external noise typology.
For sound insulation estimation there are three parameters:

    • Sound insulation index Rw ( expressed in decibel dB);
    • Adaptation to high frequencies C (for example noise produced by sound instrument, as Hi-fi and TV);
    • Adaptation to low frequencies Ctr (for example noise produced by car traffic).
Sound level isolation talbe - I Nobili
Resistance wind load table - I Nobili


Noise is a disagreeable sound or harmful for man, because it could determine physiological function modifications.
For this reason, it is important the choice of a window that customer wants to buy.
Before buying it, customer has to consider:

  • External noisiness;
  • Destination of internal environment;
  • Consider values according to D.P.C.M. of 12/05/1997;
  • Air permeability class, that must be the highest.

Sound insulation is expressed by three factors: frame materials, insulation glass and attention to installation.
I NOBILI windows guarantee, thanks to their qualities, quiet in house life.

Sound intensity, noise and perception details - I Nobili