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During summer when the temperature is 27°C, perfect humidity is between 40% and 60%. During summer the principal problem is hoverheating of the house especially for those houses facing south and south west.

It is possible to solve this problem by following some advices:

1 Use structures that create shade such as shutters with adjustable slats. These structures guarantee the passage of solar light.

2 In the houses facing south and south west is recommendable to install solar control glasses

3 Correct airing means regulating the air conditionar temperature 5°C to 7°C inferior to external temperature

Our shutters guarantee not only comfort in houses during summer and winter times, but also increase the value of historical houses.


Confort temperature in houses is about 20°C. Each degree increase means spending a lot more.

It is possible to follow some advices in order to avoid energetic wastes.

1 I NOBILI windows are characterized by an excellent air impermeability, they are constructed with a low emissive double glazing glass filled with Argon gas which reduces heat flows and is also characterized by an insulating spacer. These types of windows determine more energy conservation than old windows with one glass.

2 Do not cover radiator with blinds, furniture or coverings.

3 Roll down shutters or close shutters during the night , avoiding internal heat dispersion through windows glass.

4 Do not open windows when radiators are in action, because hot air escapes outdoors.

5 Expell a water from radiator at the beggining of cold season if this is not done, it prevents circulation and radiators remain cold even if the boiler is turned on.

6 For each radiator, it is possible to install a thermostat to regulate hot water influx automatically on the basis of selected temperature. The valve closes as house temperature reach the desired temperature.