Confort is reached thanks to different factors: sound insulation, brightness, temperature and air quality. If we use windows correctly, it is possible to combine all of these factors, in order to avoid problems of condensation, mould and humidity.


House comfort is determined also by air quality that we breathe in. The presence of people, animals and plants, inside rooms, determines carbon dioxide, water vapour and dust increase, but at the same time reduces oxygen concentration. Then it is produced stale air. When air is stale, a person could feel a sense of tiredness or other troubles. For restoring fair balance it is necessary to facilitate air change. The fair airing changes according to seasons.


During summer time, it is advisable to open windows early in the morning and after sunset, when air is fresher. This operation allows to have not only air change but also to refresh house gratis.


During winter time, there is a strong difference between internal and external temperature, then it is necessary only few minutes to regenerate air completely. It is necessary to airing for little minutes, by opening windows only two or three times. If we open much more times windows, we could have a waste of 25% approximately of energy that is used for heating and becomes easy the formation of condensation. In the table we indicate times when it is necessary to change air for a room of 12 square metre, distinct for typology and opening method.

Winter airing table - I Nobili


Air contains water in form of vapour.
The water vapour percentage contained in air is called relative humidity or humidity degree. When the relative humidity reaches the 100%, air is called saturated.
Condensation is the transformation in water of a part of vapour contained in saturated air.
When air cools, it expels vapour, that in contact with a cold surface, like glass or walls especially during winter time, it condenses by turning in water drops.

This phenomenon causes a lot of damages, like moulds and fungal spores, then walls have a process of blackening.

It is not only an aesthetic question: fungal spores exactly may damage your health, by causing allergies.
In order to avoid condensation in a house it’s necessary to give it good airing. It is also important to know that relative humidity would remain between 45% and 55% and temperature would not exceed 20°C.

Thermal hygrometer is the easier and cheaper instrument for checking humidity in houses and verify if we airing in a correct way.

The activities that we do every day in our houses, such as cooking and showering are activities that produce humidity and later condensation.

Medium production of water vapour table - I Nobili

Moulds are a type of multicellular mushrooms and they sometimes reproduce through spores.

They appear especially on walls and ceilings with a rapid growth, a growth that corrodes wall’s solidity and produces a disagreeable smell. These spores cause allergies and also some spores of particular mushrooms like Stachybotrys leave toxins that in our lungs could create inflammations and lesions, especially for children.

Moulds proliferate in humid environments or in that environments in which there isn’t air circulation.
For avoid mould’s formation it is important to pay attention to humidity and condensation in these ways:

– Air environments;

– Install a dehumidifier;

– Eliminate building’s thermal bridges through an external coat;

– Increase environmental temperature by avoid cold rooms;

– Reduce vapour’s quantity in rooms;

– Avoid to dry cloths in rooms;

– Reduce the number of plants in house.

For eliminate mould’s mark it is possible to disinfect the interested area with hydrogen peroxide and later paint by using painting based on lime.

It is not recommendable to disinfect interested areas by mould with products based on chlorine, because it would be breathe in by persons who live in house. It is not recommendable to use modern paintings, because they are rich of organic materials that moulds feed on.

Anti-age treatment for windows - I Nobili


I NOBILI windows and shutters are constructed with care and materials that go on for years.For maintaining window’s functionality and beauty, I NOBILI have created a kit for cleaning and maintenance of wood-aluminium windows and PVC windows. The kit is characterized by 4 elements: wood balsam or intensive detergent for PVC windows, protective for gaskets, lubricating for mechanisms and cloth for cleaning.

Cleaning windows is the first step to do for increasing windows durability.mThe wood balsam and intensive detergent for PVC guarantee cleanliness and brilliance. Their particular formula creates an invisible prolonged protective barrier against dirty, by rendering next washing easier and faster. Windows have different gaskets, and each of them has its function and characteristics.

They improve sound insulation, heat insulation and air permeability. The protective for gaskets maintains them soft, resistant and repels humidity. Ironmongery is the most important element of a window; its cleaning represents not only the use of window but also the consumer’s security. The I NOBILI lubricating for mechanism creates a pad between ironmongery parts, by reducing friction and wear, and by guaranteeing functioning for more and more years. The cloth for cleaning, thanks to a particular texture, is able to remove dirty. The kit is a real anti-age treatment for windows.