In this section are described modalities of website management in reference to personal data treatment by user that use them. Data will be collected and treated in conformity to Raccomandazione n°2/2001 adapted 17 may 2001 by European authority for protection of personal data in order to identify some minimal requirements for collection of personal data online in European union and represents also information according to ART.13 of D.Lgs. protection of personal data. Information is referred only to website (denominated I NOBILI) and therefore it isn’t expressed in relation to consultation of other website that could be consulted by user through link

Holder and responsible of treatment
The holder of treatment is I NOBILI SRL with its legal seat in s.s. 170 km 22, 250 76123 ANDRIA(BT) [email protected], Personal data of used/interested can be communicated to subject implicated to company organization of website (administrative staff, commercial, marketing, legal, system administrator) that is external subjects (suppliers of technical services, postal courier, informatics societies, agency communication). To these third subjects are furnished only necessary information to execution of relative functions, they will treat data as in charge of treatment or responsible nominated by holder, for the same finality expressed by this privacy policy.

Place of treatment
Data are treated near holder’s treatment place. According to that established by art.13 of EU Regulation 2016/679 the treatment outside European union countries requires the expressed consent of the interested.

Finality and modality of treatment
Personal data and navigation data collected automatically by website or inserted voluntary by user or by interested are collected for finalities and through modalities that are here presented. Data treatment is made through instruments and with modality made to guarantee reserve and security of data, by respecting that established by art.13 of EU Regulation 2016/679 and in conformity to current regulation.

Data, obligatory and voluntary, furnished by users, will be used by I NOBILI SRL exclusively for finality reported in these text:

  • allow service supply or delivery of goods bought on website and in general for administrative accounting finality or technical
  • answer to specific requests of user’s report
  • update user about new products or services supplied by website or in relation to particular commercial offers
  • inform user for website repairs or some inefficiency allow to have a user’s possible commercial outline
  • allow defense, by holder’s website, in judgment or in propaedeutical to a probable establishment, from abuses in the use of the same or services linked by user

When necessary, according to art.13 of EU Regulation 2016/679 I NOBILI SRL asks user’s consent before proceed to personal data treatment.

Type of data treated
Data given in an obligation way by user

Informatics systems and procedures prefixed to website functioning pick, during their exercise, some personal data of their own users. They are surfing data useful for website’s technical use and for allowing user to enjoy of services offered, and therefor conferment is not facultative, but it’s obligatory. They are information that allow user’s or interested identification. In these data category there are name, surname, address, telephone, mail, fax, IP address and other data linked to user or access technical modality of user to website. These data are used only for finalities expressed in previous paragraph and for time necessary to development of service asked again by user. User has faculties to ask again in every time removal for lawful reasons. Data could be used for verification of responsibility in case of hypothetical informatics crime to website.

Data given voluntarily by user
Conferment of sensible personal data, as data qualified for revealing ethnical or racial origins, religious conviction, philosophical or other types, political opinion, state of health or sexual orientation, is optional and voluntary and it is necessary explicit consent by user. In the case of user uses website for publishing or sharing with every way personal data to third, he assumes himself all responsibility. The holder is raised from any responsibility for their instrumental treatment in consequent to communication or diffusion. Both in the case of data given in an obliged way both in the case given in a facultative way I NOBILI SRL engage itself to preserve and control the same in order to reduce to minimum through qualified security measures, destruction risks or loss, access of not authorized or of treatment not allowed or not conform to finalities that are collect.

Treatment data outside European Union
According to that established by art.13 of EU Regulation 2016/679, treatment of personal data outside an European country, can happen only if third country guarantees a qualified level of protection and tutelage. For this reason I NOBILI SRL guarantees to use services of suppliers that adhere to programs of security protection data as “safe harbor” that is bilateral accord between EU and U7SA that defines rules safe and shared for the transfer of personal data made towards companies present an American territory.

Users’ laws
In order to exercise law established by art.13 of EU Regulation 2016/679 (confirmation existence of data, knowledge of their contents and origins, check of their exactness, integration request, deletion, updating, rectification, block request of data treated for law violation, opposition to legal motives to their treatment ), user or interested could speak to directly to holder’s treatment, to address previously indicated..


Holder’s treatment.
Holder’s treatment data is I NOBILI srl with its legal seat : s.s. 70 km 22, 250 76123 Andria (bt).

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How could be eliminate cookies:
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Technical cookies:
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Outline cookies and third parts:
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